Stroke Rehabilitation

A stroke occurs when the flow of fresh, oxygen-filled blood from the heart and lungs to the brain is interrupted by a blockage or rupture. This cuts off the brain from vital energy and causes nerve cells to die, resulting in a loss of function in the areas controlled by the affected area of the brain. Physical rehabilitation following a stroke helps people relearn how to walk, sit, stand, lie down, change positions and more.

Research has proven early intervention is key to achieving meaningful outcomes after experiencing a stroke. Physical, occupational and speech therapies following a stroke helps patients relearn how to walk, speak and participate in activities they enjoy.

Recovering from a stroke is not easy, but Sheltering Arms Institute has an environment of friendly and caring stroke rehabilitation specialists to help you through this difficult time. Our wide range of services and advanced physical rehabilitation technology create a healing space where you and your family can find the power to overcome the setbacks that many patients experience after a stroke.

Sheltering Arms Institute’s team of multidisciplinary therapists have extensive training and expertise to help patients regain function and independence after a stroke. Your recovery is the main priority for our multidisciplinary teams – we utilize all of their strengths so you can find the strength to overcome. We will help you set recovery goals and develop an appropriate treatment plan so that you can create a lifestyle that suits your needs.

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