Future Studies & Grants

exoskeleton robot physical rehabilitation

Sheltering Arms Institute is continuously submitting and collaborating on proposals for innovative rehabilitation research with a focus on becoming a learning health system. Our Scientific Advisory Council of internal and external stakeholders helps guide the institute’s participation in a variety of research projects.

The following future studies provide exciting possibilities for our community:

  • Improv4IPE – improvisation for interprofessional science
  • Comparing treatment approaches to promote inpatient rehabilitation effectiveness for traumatic brain injury
  • Disparities in quality and intensity of post-acute rehabilitation care by race and Medicare-Medicaid dual enrollment
  • A multisite randomized clinical trial to examine the efficacy and mechanisms of immersive virtual walking treatment for neuropathic pain in spinal cord injury
  • Virtual multi-modal neurorehabilitation to enhance upper extremity function & quality of life in persons with tetraplegia

To learn more about these studies or to discuss a potential collaboration please contact our research team: sai-research@sai.rehab