Research Partnerships

Clinical researchers at Sheltering Arms Institute, the Center for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering (CERSE) and VCU Health combine their expertise to develop breakthroughs to improve patients’ lives. With CERSE’s and VCU Health’s extensive research background, Sheltering Arms Institute has the knowledge and support to obtain funds, find collaborators and connect with mentors to continue moving research forward and apply findings to patients sooner. Visit this webpage to learn more about CERSE.

Examples of research projects include:

  • Identifying biomarkers for recovery following traumatic brain injury
  • Applying neurostimulation to help people with spinal cord injuries walk
  • Using virtual reality to increase mobility and reduce pain
  • Using technology and wearable devices to help people self-manage their health
  • Developing better prosthetics to meet the needs of individuals with amputations
  • Helping people with visual impairments navigate their communities