Research Partnerships

Research Vision

Our goal is to build the capacity to establish Sheltering Arms Institute as a top 50 US learning health system by 2025. To improve patient outcomes, we want to bring valid scientific findings to the bedside more quickly than the typical 17-year timeline. In order to meet this goal we have established key objectives:

  • Engage clinicians in sponsored science
  • Engage patients in sponsored science
  • Build SAI’s reputation as a collaborator and recruitment source for research participants
  • Obtain funding to support sponsored science


Clinical researchers at Sheltering Arms Institute, the Center for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering (CERSE), Hunter Holmes McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center and VCU Health combine their expertise to develop breakthroughs to improve patients’ lives. With the extensive research backgrounds of these entities combined, Sheltering Arms Institute has the knowledge and support to obtain funds, find collaborators and connect with mentors to continue moving research forward and apply findings to patients sooner.

Research Leadership Team

Richard Kunz Cheif Medical Officer Sheltering Arms Institute

Richard Kunz, MD

Chief Medical Officer
Amol Karmarkar Director of Research

Amol Karmarkar, PhD

Director of Research
Devin Bowers Sponsored Programs Coordinator

Devin Bowers, MPH

Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Amber Walter Manager of Clinical Science

Amber Walter, DPT

Manager of Clinical Science