Our Community Partners

Our team is dedicated to connecting our patients with resources they may need outside our hospital, whether now or in the future, including our community partners. Research shows that long-term patient outcomes improve when patients have a knowledgeable and experienced network to help them continue their recovery after discharge. We want to ensure a successful recovery even after you leave our hospital doors!

This partnership with the community will also help to coordinate on-site community support groups and facilitate peer mentor programs for our patients. Learn more about all our wonderful community partners below!

To watch all of our community partner videos, click here to visit our YouTube Channel.

Preferred Community Partners

  1. Sheltering Arms Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation & Fitness Centers
  2. VCUHealth
  3. United Spinal Association of Virginia
  4. Brain Injury Association of Virginia (BIAV)
  5. Community Brain Injury Services (CBIS)
  6. Sportable
  7. RVA Aphasia Group
  8. Virginia Stroke Survivor and Caregiver Education Group

Hospital Partnerships

  1. United Spinal Association Hospital Membership
  2. Amputee Coalition Hospital/Rehab Facility Partner