Preparing for Discharge

At Sheltering Arms Institute, ensuring a smooth transition back to your community is important to us. During your stay at our rehabilitation hospital, your team of physicians, therapists, nurses and case managers will work with you to establish a plan for your treatment as well as your return to the community.

In preparation for discharge, your care team will also work with your family/caregivers to teach skills and techniques that provide support/assistance and any special care required upon leaving the hospital. They will also work with you to order any equipment that you may need. Your physician may also place orders for continued therapy services such as home health or outpatient therapy. The process of planning begins now – before you even arrive at Sheltering Arms Institute!

Information that will be helpful to you and your family/caregivers as you begin planning for discharge:

  • Typical length of stay at Sheltering Arms Institute is between 8 and 16 days. This varies depending on your condition and treatment plan – factors will be considered from the start as you and your team plan for your return to the community or the next stage of recovery.
  • The target date for your discharge will be established and discussed with you and your family/caregivers very soon after admission in order to allow time for planning and preparation. If you are ready for discharge sooner than forecasted, or if it is necessary for you to stay in our hospital a little longer, this will be discussed with you and your family/caregivers immediately.
  • Discharges are generally scheduled for weekday mornings if possible, however this time is flexible to meet the family/caregivers’ ability to participate. At that time, your team will celebrate with you as you take the next step in recovery!

Your recovery will continue after you leave Sheltering Arms Institute. You and your family/caregivers will be provided with detailed information and recommendations to make your continued care as seamless as possible. Your case manager, physicians and other members of the team will work with you to coordinate any follow-up care needed to help with a smooth transition back to the community.

Sheltering Arms offers a wide range of follow-up resources and services to meet your individual needs such as outpatient therapy, physician services and our Partner for L.I.F.E. Programs. VCU Health also offers a variety of post-acute programs including outpatient therapy and home health, as well as recreation and fitness services, to provide a seamless transition for you and your family.

We consider our patients to be members of our extended family. Your case manager will discuss these options with you to ensure you are educated about your options. We look forward to working with you after your stay at Sheltering Arms Institute!

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