Mission, Vision & Values

Sheltering Arms and VCU Health have come together to create Sheltering Arms Institute, a state-of-the-science destination rehabilitation hospital. The collaboration brings together the brand and clinical reputation of Sheltering Arms and the nationally ranked programs of VCU Health. The new hospital blends advanced technology, research and evidence-based clinical care to create an innovative, transdisciplinary model of inpatient rehabilitative care facilitating superior outcomes for patients.


Sheltering Arms Institute, a national leader in the science of rehabilitation, delivers personalized care in an environment that supports recovery and restores possibility through the integration of collaborative science and research, interprofessional education, community engagement, and stewardship.


Reinventing rehabilitation for life beyond limits


  • Courage: Courage calls on us to create an environment that inspires confidence and a belief in what is possible.
  • Integrity: We lead with integrity in all actions, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and work to strengthen our capacity to grow.
  • Positivity: Positivity is the energy that allows us to support and care for others, to overcome obstacles and to create a healthy environment for all.
  • Community: Our belief in the power of relationships drives us to build lasting and meaningful connections
  • Discovery: We are relentless in our exploration of the art and science of rehabilitation, driven by our passion for care and for cures, to break down silos in the full spirit of our transdisciplinary care model.
  • Accessibility: Our desire to be open to all compels us to minimize financial and other barriers within our environment of care.


The relentless pursuit of recovery

Our culture propels patient outcomes, transforming the course of rehabilitation medicine.


  • …partner with every individual as a unique and whole person.
  • …approach care holistically to benefit patient outcomes.
  • …advocate to make our community accessible, diverse and inclusive.
  • …express enthusiasm and joy at work.
  • …create environments where individuals take ownership and pride in their contributions.
  • ...embrace new ideas in support of research, learning and continuous improvement.
  • …assume positive intentions and communicate with transparency, directness and compassion.