Price Transparency

Sheltering Arms Institute is committed to communicating clearly and transparently with our patients and the community. This includes pricing information that can help patients make more informed decisions related to healthcare costs. Hospitals are required to publicly share their standard charges for the most common procedures and services that can be scheduled in advance. Typically, these shoppable services are routinely provided in non-urgent situations. Those prices are available in this document [Shoppable Services Download]. As an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, the Institute provides many procedures and services that are only available to admitted patients. In those instances, services are not shoppable and not included in the pricing document.

As patients consider these prices, they need to be aware of the differences between health insurance plans. While the charges for the services are always the same, the negotiated price that each health insurance plan pays may differ. This is reflected in the pricing information. Additionally, patients will want to consider the deductibles, copayments, coinsurance and benefit limits of their specific coverage. This information is not reflected in the pricing information. We encourage patients to contact their health insurance providers with coverage questions.

Our commitment is to help patients understand the pricing information as part of their overall decision-making process. Please contact Patient Financial Services at 804-272-3171 if you have questions.

Download Fee Schedule

Download Shoppable Services

Professional Fees

Sheltering Arms Institute contracts with physician practices to provide medical services for our patients. These practices bill for services independently from the Institute and you may receive additional invoices from them. We encourage patients to contact the physician practice with questions regarding their invoice.