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Sheltering Arms Institute Physical Rehab Hospital Virginia

Sheltering Arms Institute is a state-of-the-science, destination, translational research hospital where clinicians, scientists, innovators, and technologists work together to apply research in real time to physical medicine and rehabilitation.

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Why Inpatient Rehabilitation?

Shorter Length of Stay

Patients treated in an inpatient rehabilitation facility stay about half as long as those treated elsewhere, returning to the community sooner.

Better Outcomes

Patients treated in inpatient rehabilitation facilities have better long-term clinical outcomes.

Fewer Hospital Visits

Inpatient rehabilitation hospital patients experienced significantly fewer emergency room visits and hospital readmissions per year than patients treated elsewhere.

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We help people recover from a wide range of conditions from brain and spinal cord injuries to stroke, arthritis and joint replacements.

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Patient Stories

The therapists have been amazing. They are always full of surprises and look for ways to challenge me every day. The entire staff has been nothing short of wonderful.
Getting [my husband] back to Virginia for physical rehab in the middle of a pandemic was a daunting process, but the Sheltering Arms Institute team made it happen.
I’ve learned things that I never could do. They’re great teachers. Being around this much joy and happy people, I’ve just gotten that much more motivated.
The communication during my dad’s stay has been so helpful in hearing how his progress has been, from his therapy participation to his medication management.
Never before have I encountered a more patient, can-do, positive response from staff as I have felt here.

Working at Sheltering Arms Institute

As the leading physical rehabilitation hospital in Virginia, our compassionate and talented team members strive to provide the best care for everyone who comes through our doors. With ongoing research, training and certifications, we are shaping the future of physical rehabilitation. Explore our openings today!