Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Program

Spinal cord injuries can occur at any level of the spinal cord, and the level of the injury dictates its impact on your body’s functioning and mobility. After the initial injury has healed, Sheltering Arms Institute’s team of recovery specialists can help you develop the needed skills to help you live as independently as possible despite the physical challenges you may be facing.

We recognize that in parallel with treating the body, we must also treat the mind to maximize the positive outcomes of our recovery program. Our medical psychology team is experienced in helping patients who are facing overwhelming obstacles; their empathy and skill assist patients with finding healthy coping strategies and creative solutions.

At Sheltering Arms Institute, we offer a wide variety of rehabilitation services to help you live a full, productive life following a spinal cord injury. Our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists will collaborate to create a customized recovery program to help you regain muscle strength and flexibility and participate in activities of daily living such as grooming, bathing, dressing and using the bathroom. Our highly trained speech-language pathologists will evaluate your abilities to express yourself and understand others. Speech-language pathology can also address any swallowing issues (dysphagia) that may have resulted from your injury.

Medical psychology often plays an essential role in the rehabilitation and recovery process following a spinal cord injury and can help with behavior and emotional adjustment. In the hospital setting, physicians, nurses and case managers oversee the rehabilitation process ensuring medical stability and coordinated care and suggest recommendations for next steps following inpatient rehabilitation. We understand that this is a very difficult time in your or a loved one’s life and we are here to help.

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