Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sheltering Arms Institute is, and will always strive to be, an inclusive organization with a diverse workforce committed to creating equitable health outcomes for all individuals. That’s why we created the Equity Dispensation Group, also known as the Sheltering Arms Institute EDGe Alliance.

As we provide healthcare to individuals, we embrace the opportunity to serve patients from all communities and help them achieve their best possible outcomes. By partnering with every individual as a unique and whole person, our care team develops a treatment plan tailored to meet their personal rehabilitation goals.

As an institution that serves the region, Sheltering Arms Institute has identified six goals that will enable us to create equitable health outcomes:

1. Create a workforce representative of patient demographics, both in management and clinical roles.

2. Deliver equitable, high-quality care to the community.

3. Advocate for, and serve, underserved and underrepresented communities.

4. Align the organization with vendors and partners with strong DEI cultures.

5. Strengthen diverse communities’ trust in the Sheltering Arms Institute brand.

6. Strengthen diverse representation on the respective boards.

To reach our goals, and be the organization we strive to be, we are:

· Establishing scholarship opportunities for underrepresented communities.

· Engaging with professional trade associations and schools to implement early promotion of clinical and administrative roles in healthcare to underrepresented populations.

· Continuing to promote, celebrate, and train on diversity, equity, and inclusion subjects.

· Enhancing recruiting efforts to attract, retain, and promote diverse candidates.

· Implementing executive mentorship programs for clinical and nonclinical areas.

· Including diversity, equity, and inclusion goals in our annual strategic plan.

· Promoting advocacy for, and education of, underrepresented populations at the government, community, and patient levels.

· Identifying, cultivating, and mentoring potential members from underserved populations for board inclusion.

· Enhancing focus in clinical science and research on health equity.

In our annual report to the community, we will share status updates on these initiatives, as well as progress toward meeting our goals.