Direct Access

Rehabilitative Services Without a Doctor’s Referral for PT, OT, and SLP

Our mission at Sheltering Arms Institute is to increase access to innovative rehabilitative care of the highest caliber. One way we are increasing access to this care is by offering Direct Access.

Direct Access allows some patients to seek services from a licensed physical, occupational, or speech therapist without making an appointment with your doctor for a referral first. It is your choice how to receive services, this is just one more way to access the same one-on-one care you need and reduce the delay in seeing a therapist.

All Sheltering Arms Institute therapists complete additional education to offer Direct Access. Our clinicians are highly skilled and know when patients should be referred back to their physician.

View our frequently asked questions below to find out if Direct Access is the right fit for you or click the button below to make an appointment.

Direct Access FAQs

Direct Access allows some patients to seek PT/OT/SLP services without a physician referral.

Patients who are currently receiving ongoing medical treatment for the same condition(s) for which they are seeking treatment from Sheltering Arms Institute will still need a referral. Patients who have a HMO insurance plan will also need a referral.

Patients may be evaluated and treated for 60 days before a referral is required.

Medicare and Medicaid require a signed plan of care. Patients should inquire with their insurance to determine if their plan covers Direct Access.

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