Balance & Vestibular Program

Do you struggle with balance or experience dizziness or vertigo? These symptoms can be debilitating and often difficult to treat, which may lead to days lost from work, time away from family or other health consequences such as falls. Sheltering Arms Institute offers a robust balance and vestibular program to help you get your life back on track.

Vertigo is not a diagnosis, but rather a sign of another medical problem. With vertigo, you may experience a sudden sensation of spinning or pulling in any direction. This sensation could last seconds then disappear, or last for hours or days. Sometimes vertigo can be accompanied by nausea and balance problems, making it difficult to work or keep up around the house.

If you experience symptoms of vertigo, dizziness or balance problems, it is important to touch base with your healthcare provider. Sometimes these symptoms are associated with problems that are simple to treat, but sometimes they can be a sign of a much more serious health problem.

Our team of balance and vestibular experts can help keep symptoms at bay through evidence-based treatment strategies and balance exercises.

Learn about therapy for balance & vestibular disorders at our Sheltering Arms outpatient clinics.

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