Joint Replacement (Pre- and Post-Operative) Recovery

More than 719,000 total knee replacements and 330,000 hip replacements are performed in the U.S. each year. These procedures have become a standard way to keep our joints moving after advanced arthritis and degeneration. There are many aspects that go into a successful surgery and the improved function that follows.

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A well-skilled surgeon can perform a perfect surgery, however, that doesn’t mean success. How you rehabilitate your joint and body afterward is key to the results of the surgery and maximizing your potential. After joint replacement surgery, physical rehabilitation is an important tool to aid in decreasing discomfort and improving range of motion. Each patient has unique needs, and recovery at Sheltering Arms Institute can greatly benefit you prior to going home.

Our expert physical and occupational therapists work with many people following joint replacements and recognize the unique challenges of recovery following surgery. A physical therapist can help with exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint and work on regaining motion in the new joint. An occupational therapist will work on safely conquering the motions necessary to live independently, such as bending and lifting. These clinicians, along with our physicians, provide insight and understanding about your situation and its effects on your daily life.

Following clinical therapy services, your clinical team may recommend that you continue with an exercise program to maintain the positive results of therapy.

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