Amputee Rehabilitation Care

If you need an amputation, the team at Sheltering Arms Institute is ready to help you recover medically, regain independence and maintain a healthy lifestyle moving forward.

Our inpatient clinical and wellness services are designed to provide the tools you need to prepare for surgery, recover and get back to doing what you enjoy.

Dominick Daniels Amputation Rehabilitation

Dominick Daniels Amputation Patient Sheltering ArmsIn the United States, more than one million individuals have experienced a limb amputation. Amputations may be necessary because of several different conditions including cancer, an accident or poor circulation associated with diabetes.

The trusted experts at our amputee rehabilitation center will design a customized therapy program tailored to your needs and provide guidance and support to help you recover and regain your abilities safely and efficiently.

After a prosthetic device is designed and fitted especially for you, balance training may be helpful. A physician or physical therapist will provide clinical education to ensure maximum comfort and health for you with the new prosthesis. Medical psychology services may also be helpful as you and your loved ones adjust to your new lifestyle throughout the recovery process.

Our team is ready to help meet your needs and recovery goals and get back to doing what matters most to you.

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