Parkinson’s Disease Rehabilitation

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a condition of the central nervous system. The signs and symptoms of PD can vary from person to person. We understand the toll the disease can take on you and your family, but the right combination of medical treatment and therapies can help you maintain functionality and maximize abilities.

Whether you or your loved one are in the early or advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease, our team of experts in neurorehabilitation can help. We create a treatment plan specific to each person’s needs with careful attention to the effectiveness of medications. You will learn strategies and techniques to manage the multiple effects of PD from tremors and gait disturbance to depression and lack of energy.

The evolving knowledge of Parkinson’s disease combined with improvements in medical intervention and rehabilitation techniques offers new hope. The latest in research findings demonstrate how complex and individualized Parkinson’s and related movement disorders really are. This keeps our approach focused on comprehensive rehabilitation to help keep you active.

Our multiple levels of care can meet your needs at every stage of the disease including:

  • Comprehensive management of the patient’s medical, functional and behavioral needs focusing on promoting independence and safety
  • Medical discussion with a neurologist or rehabilitation physician
  • 24-hour nursing care with attention to medication management
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies as needed
  • Education for the patient and family
  • Nutrition counseling and support
  • Advanced rehabilitation technologies including assistive technologies, body-weight support systems and electrical stimulation devices
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Fall prevention education

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