Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy, commonly referred to as therapeutic recreation, is a type of therapy used to help individuals improve their quality of life. Recreation therapy helps people get back to the leisure activities they enjoy and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression.


Therapeutic Recreation at Sheltering Arms Institute 

At Sheltering Arms Institute, our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS) utilize a variety of therapeutic recreation techniques during inpatient rehabilitation to meet the individual needs of each patient. Examples of these techniques include:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Co-treatment sessions with other disciplines such as physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Group sessions
  • Community outings 

During each session, our recreation therapists focus on enhancing physical, cognitive, social, and emotional functions by incorporating each patient’s leisure and recreation interests into therapy.  

Throughout their stay, patients have the opportunity to engage in recreation therapy group activities. These groups are designed to reinforce therapy goals and encourage participation outside of scheduled therapy time. These groups provide patients the chance to socialize and develop new leisure interests.

Adaptive Recreation

Recreation therapists also work with patients to identify ways to adapt and modify leisure interests and hobbies that patients participated in prior to their illness or injury to promote continued active leisure participation and increased quality of life. Recreation therapists can also provide patients and family members with adaptive equipment recommendations.

Who Can Benefit from Recreational Therapy?

Everyone can benefit from recreational therapy! A Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist will work with each patient upon arrival to Sheltering Arms Institute to discuss hobbies and ways to incorporate leisure interests during their stay. Recreation therapists can also provide individual leisure materials such as word finds, crossword puzzles, and art supplies for independent leisure engagement outside of scheduled therapy time. 

Community Partners: Continued Therapeutic Recreation After Discharge 

For continued education and support after release from inpatient rehabilitation, Sheltering Arms Institute has formed relationships with organizations in the community including: 

Several of our community partners hold weekly office hours at Sheltering Arms Institute to meet and engage with patients during their stay with us. Our community partners stay in contact with our patients and their caregivers after discharge to provide aid and support for life after inpatient rehabilitation. 

Learn more about our community partners here.

Educational Events After Discharge

Sheltering Arms Institute also hosts quarterly educational events for patients and caregivers to provide tips as the healing journey continues. See a list of our upcoming events here.

Examples of previous educational events include:

  • Home Safety & Modifications
  • Enhancing Resilience During Uncertain Times
  • Living with SCI: There’s an App for That
  • Managing Cognitive Changes After Stroke
  • Thriving with a Prosthesis

Watch recordings of all of our previous educational events on our YouTube channel or check out our RehaBlog.

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