Admissions Process

admissions process for sheltering arms institute patients

What is the process to become a patient?

  • Ask your case manager or social worker to send a referral to the admissions department at Sheltering Arms Institute
  • A clinical liaison will be assigned to your case to evaluate your healthcare needs by visiting you, speaking to your family, and reviewing your medical chart
  • Once the clinical liaison gathers all necessary information, he or she will review your case with a Sheltering Arms Institute physician to determine if you meet the criteria for inpatient rehabilitation

For more information on how to send a referral or become a patient, please call (804) 764-1000.

Why are potential patients evaluated?

Sheltering Arms Institute is considered a hospital; therefore, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requires us to:

  • Admit patients who have medical needs that require physician oversight while receiving rehabilitation.
  • Verify that patients need at least two of the three following disciplines to be considered as a candidate:
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy